With this goal in mind, we sought to find an easy and enjoyable way to help people manage their appetite in between meals.

We found our Sweet FulfillMent in this all natural, delightfully delicious, appetite suppressing chewing gum.

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Sweet FulfillMent was developed by Panacea, a health and wellness company dedicated to providing all natural products and solutions that help people live healthier lives.


Energized… by the brilliance of nature’s own solutions, we look to natural ingredients when developing our products. Whether you are focused on managing your weight or improving your fitness performance or addressing a medical challenge such as digestive health, we offer a range of all natural products to support you in your everyday efforts.

Inspired… by Panacea, the goddess of natural remedies, we strive to offer you all natural remedies for your everyday challenges. If you want to control your food cravings in between meals, your challenge is solved with our delicious Sweet FulfillMent™ gum. We are continually looking for new solutions to common health challenges so that we can bring you the best that nature has to offer.

Motivated… to create a supportive community. The Panacea Institute for Healthy Living is committed to sharing meaningful knowledge with all who seek to lead a healthy lifestyle. On our soon-to-be blog, we give you easy access to our full range of product solutions as well as useful information, tips and tools that help you lead your healthiest life.

Inspired by Panacea, the goddess of natural remedies, The Panacea Institute of Healthy Living has a mission to develop and share all natural solutions that will help you lead a healthier lifestyle. Follow our blog for updates of other Panacea Healthy Living products.