What makes this gum so special?

It's the ONLY all-natural gum that tastes delightfully delicious and calms your appetite!

Garcinia Cambogia

raises the brains’ serotonin level to help suppress your appetite, enhance your mood and reduce stress


delivers a delightfully- delicious sweet flavor


releases refreshing bursts of all-natural flavor

Green Coffee Beans

boosts metabolism and reduces the bodies ability to absorb dietary fat while producing anti-oxidant activity

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My Sweet FulfillMent™...

More than just a gum:

  • A mint to freshen my breath
  • A gum to calm my cravings
  • A fast effective way to resist unhealthy snacking day or night

Sweet FulfillMent™...

Inspired by nature to help you lead a healthier life. Part of the Panacea Healthy Living family of brands.

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